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The Benefits Of Using Leak Detection Specialists


A hidden leak is often difficult to locate and can result in significant damages, costly repairs along with a significant increase in your water bills. Technical engineers from a leak detection company make use of various techniques to accurately locate leaks.

On occasion it is possible for a homeowner or a plumber to locate the actual source of a leak. However, in other cases the source of the leak is difficult to access due to obstacles such as cupboards, walls and floorboards. This is when leak detection is more helpful because the equipment used is designed specifically to locate leaks anywhere in a property without the need to cause unnecessary damages to the property. 

The more common water leaks that occur in homes are caused from the Central Heating System or in the main pipe work in either a bathroom or a kitchen. Leaks that occur from the central heating system can result from a boiler that has lost pressure on the sealed system, which can mean there is a leak that is hidden on the central-heating pipe work. 

Hidden leaks are often difficult to locate, and this is when leak detection specialists come in handy as they make use of specialised equipment to locate leaks with no or minimal damages to the property. Leak detection specialists that are backed by experience and knowledge in this field find leaks and make use of different leak detection methods to locate water leaks within one square meter. This means that excavation when necessary is kept to the minimum when pipes undergo repairs. 


Leak detection surveys will include the following:

- A qualified and experienced mechanical engineer

- The use of equipment that accurately locates leaks which results in minimal disruptions to the property

- The correct inspections and testing processes are used to locate and accurately pinpoint the leak

- The survey is completed with a full-written report along with recommendations and photos

On completion of the Leak Detection Survey you will be provided with a leak-detection report that includes recommendations on how to repair the leak and colour photographs. From here you can make the necessary arrangements with a plumber in your local area to fix your leak.

You can claim from home insurance if your policy covers “Trace and Access.” Most policies today offer this cover. If you are covered then you can ask your insurer to reimburse you for costs of this survey.

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